What We Do

At Axum, our mission is to drive sustainable progress across the African continent and beyond through expertise and imagination. Our diverse range of activities and initiatives embodies our commitment to fostering climate-positive inclusive growth, economic development, and social advancement in Africa. Here’s an overview of what we do:

World renowned architect, educator and urbanist Mokena Makeka designs an African first- a medium rise bio-smart office block using sustainable indigenous African wood to reach net zero targets and FLOW- the Future of Living within One World principles.

Location: Libreville, Gabon

Envisioning a Bold Future

At Axum, we understand the importance of visionary leadership. We work hand-in-hand with African leaders to envision a bold and sustainable future for the continent. Through extensive research, consultations, and collaborations, we help shape a future that is inclusive, environmentally responsible, and economically vibrant.

Building Movements

We are passionate about mobilizing communities and organizations around these visionary goals. Axum takes a proactive approach in building movements that inspire collective action. We ignite stakeholders with the passion and expertise required to drive positive change in Africa.

Bringing Visions to Life

 Our commitment extends beyond mere ideas and rhetoric. We roll up our sleeves and work tirelessly to transform visions into tangible realities, leveraging our agility to form coalitions and partnerships. Axum takes pride in being a systems orchestrator, ensuring that our collective impact is maximized.

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