What we do

Axum addresses pressing global challenges that lie at the intersection of inclusion, prosperity, climate change, and technological innovation.

Our diverse range of activities and initiatives embodies our commitment to fostering climate-positive, digitally innovative, inclusive growth, economic development, and social advancement across Africa, the Middle East, and the world.

Envisioning a Bold Future

At Axum, we understand the importance of visionary leadership. We work hand-in-hand with African, Middle Eastern, and global leaders to envision a bold and sustainable future for the continent. Through extensive research, consultations, and collaborations, we help shape a future that is inclusive, environmentally responsible, and economically vibrant.

Building Movements

We are passionate about mobilizing communities and organizations around these visionary goals. Axum takes a proactive approach in building movements that inspire collective action. We ignite stakeholders with the passion and expertise required to drive positive change in the global arena with emphasis on Africa and the Middle East.

Bringing Visions to Life

Our commitment extends beyond mere ideas and rhetoric. We roll up our sleeves and work tirelessly to transform visions into tangible realities, leveraging our agility to form coalitions and partnerships. Axum takes pride in being a systems orchestrator, ensuring that our collective impact is maximized.

Selected Projects

Our teams have worked on over 1000 projects focused on social and economic development across Africa, the middle east and around the world.

Unlocking Economic Growth through Agriculture Sector Transformation 

Supporting the Skilling of African Youth to Access Economic Opportunities  

Empowering Creatives to Tell the African Story 

Driving Policy and Leadership Development for Africa's Circular Economy  

Designing Systems for Funding for Small and Mid-Scale Renewable Energy Projects  

Exploring the Frontiers of AI in Africa 

Orchestrating Systems to Drive Change in Healthcare 

Coordinating Large-Scale Vaccination Initiatives 

Revolutionizing Surgery in Low-Income Communities 

Empowering Millions of Youth to Access Digital Jobs  

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