Unlocking social entrepreneurship

Africa faces a range of complex challenges that require innovation, critical thinking, and a deep understanding of what it takes to shift systems. These include tackling the climate crisis, facilitating access to healthcare, addressing food insecurity and rising inequality, all of which are becoming increasingly interrelated. But at the same time, the continent is home to innovative, imaginative, pragmatic thinkers, builders and problem solvers. Investing in social entrepreneurship can play a significant role in simultaneously addressing complex challenges, while building sustainable businesses and creating jobs.

Recognizing this opportunity and in alignment with the visionary team, Axum supported one of our partners in developing their strategic direction for a program with this in mind. The program aims to deliver holistic and ground-breaking interventions that support the next cohort of African social entrepreneurs. The overall vision and expected impact of this initiative is to catalyze a social innovation space in Africa that: (i) Is recognized for addressing the continent’s most pressing challenges and accelerating local and global development agendas, (ii) Is self-sustainable and financially sustainable, and (iii) Is a significant driver of job creation by and for African youth.
The partner organization is a fast-growing social entrepreneur and innovator-led movement committed to advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) by 2030. It operates as a distributed entity, with six regional chapters, which strengthen the social entrepreneurial ecosystem at a regional level to ensure the collaboration and co-creation among social entrepreneurs, governments and governmental bodies in the region.