Who We Are

Axum is an Afrocentric impact firm dedicated to fostering climate-positive inclusive growth across Africa and the Middle East. We address pressing global challenges that lie at the intersection of inclusion, prosperity, climate change, and technological innovation.

We are here to empower and collaborate with global, African and Middle East leaders and institutions, including those from political, civil society, business, and investment sectors.

We are a dynamic and forward-thinking firm that is driven by a powerful vision: to facilitate climate-positive inclusive growth across Africa, the Middle East and the world.

Our Vision:

Axum envisions an Africa and Middle East that is not only prosperous and equitable but also environmentally responsible and globally influential. We see a continent where sustainable development is the norm, where African leaders and institutions lead by example, and where Africa's rightful place in the world is fully recognized. At Axum, we are driven by the belief that Africa's potential is boundless, and together, we can unlock that potential for the benefit of all Africans and the world.

Our Leadership

Axum’s founding leadership team are based across Africa and the Middle East. They bring more than 100 years of experience establishing, building, and running successful advisory organizations across the regions and around the world.

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