Pioneering Sustainable Forest Management

Forests are vital for ecological health and community well-being, but their ability to provide benefits is fast declining. Growing populations, rapid urbanization, and the proliferation of the built environment are contributing to a rise in deforestation and forest degradation. There is limited sustainable sourcing of forest products and sustainable management of forests.
Axum staff supported a program that aims to increase the sustainable sourcing of forest products and the sustainable management of forests by catalyzing market demand from sectors that need to become carbon neutral with an initial focus on the built environment. In this first phase of work, the team developed the program’s strategy and operationalization plan before beginning a 2-year implementation phase, including filling roles as the Project Management Office (PMO) and fiscal sponsor.

Axum staff supported the program to generate and disseminate knowledge, create a shared agenda across stakeholders through outreach, and to inspire and raise the ambition of critical stakeholders through outreach.

We also catalyzed action by supporting breakthrough initiatives (BIs) demonstrating the full potential of sustainable forests and forest products to pave the way for future green growth. Initiatives supported by the program range from building a regional value chain in East Africa, supporting a hybrid housing solution in India, DIY bamboo housing options in Guatemala, to a flagship mass timber Tower in Gabon.