Driving Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity loss is a pressing global concern with only 16% of the required funding accessible. Axum has partnered with various stakeholders to launch a biodiversity accelerator to bridge the staggering US$ 700 billion funding gap. The accelerator is supported by a coalition of specialist organizations in the sector.

A key challenge in attracting investments in the sector lies in the complexity of measuring biodiversity and developing financing instruments. The initiative aims to simplify the investment process for funders through its innovative approach.
Our groundbreaking solution involves supporting biodiversity research and accelerating investments. We conduct research to inform decision making across various stakeholders that support investments. In addition, the accelerator serves as a catalyst for driving high-quality African investments and credits to the market. By identifying pipeline opportunities, conducting rigorous due diligence, enhancing investor readiness, marketing and promoting credits, and providing advisory services on governance and organizational processes, the program ensures that funders can confidently invest in biodiversity conservation projects.

The program has proudly launched its inaugural cohort recipients. With a promising pipeline of over 10 organizations for the next accelerator, the initiative is poised to catalyze transformative change in biodiversity conservation efforts across Africa and beyond.
Axum plays a systems orchestrator role across coalition partners ensuring effective implementation of the initiative. We also offer strategy advisory to the companies in the accelerator, supporting them in identifying viable business models that can unlock commercial investments. Once companies are investor ready, we support them in developing investor materials and also facilitate engagements with potential funders.