Unlocking Economic Growth through Agriculture Sector Transformation 

The Tanzania agriculture sector faced key ecosystem bottlenecks in coordination, delivery capacity, and information-based decision-making at the national and local level. 

We embedded a team in different layers of government in Tanzania who worked side-by-side with government officials to develop, test, and implement new tools and systems to resolve sector challenges. We also supported governments by coaching and training government officials to drive a step change in delivery, leaving lasting capacity behind. 

As a result, Tanzania saw an increase in the institutional coordination amongst sector-led ministries, increased district delivery capacity via embedded talent in critical regions, improved knowledge management systems for data collection, reporting, and sector planning, and strengthened stakeholder commitments to invest in the initiative.  

Overall, this increased productivity and investment in value chains in Tanzania, improving livelihoods for farmers, nutrition, and food security, and increasing the country’s agriculture GDP.