Orchestrating Systems to Drive Change in Healthcare 

Established in late 2019, a global disease prevention organization formed a partnership and resource mobilization arm. As a newly formed organization with a critical mandate, it faced the pressing challenge of establishing a dedicated secretariat with a skilled and agile team capable of effectively operationalizing its vision. Its leadership partnered with Axum staff to run a dedicated secretariat able to operationalize their vision. 

Axum staff supported them by embedding a highly skilled team at the secretariat to set up, operate, and manage daily activities for 18 months, implementing immediate priorities in alignment with key stakeholders involved. Axum staff also transferred built internal capacity and systems to internal staff to undertake the long-term vision to improve public health systems across the African continent.  

The result was a fully established operations and grant management system to receive and disburse funds to support various COVID-19 related initiatives across the continent.