Driving Policy and Leadership Development for Africa’s Circular Economy

One of our partners’ goals was to spur Africa’s transition to a circular economy. However, there existed an opportunity to support the organization in building the capacity to profile, develop, and coordinate implementation in circular economy opportunity areas. 

A major global forum partnered with Axum staff to host the organization’s secretariat. We supported this partner in conducting a market research assessment to identify priority themes for circularity including food systems, packaging, built environment, electronics, and fashion and textiles, interviewing experts and stakeholders to assess circular economy solutions, and barriers, developing case studies on circular economy opportunities, and drafting a circular economy implementation roadmap. 

Ultimately, Axum staff developed capacity for the secretariat, enabling efficient and effective management of duties at the leadership level. We also developed a defined circular economy roadmap for African member states with ongoing implementation efforts, improving policy development, leadership and advocacy, and support in scaling circular economy businesses across the continent.