The intersection of
inclusion and prosperity.

Axum is an Afrocentric impact firm dedicated to fostering climate-positive and inclusive growth across Africa and Middle East regions.

We work with public and private sector organisations on projects delivering economic and social development, ameliorating climate change, and navigating technological disruption.

Our leadership team brings over 150 years of experience

With nearly 100 staff across 10 locations in Africa and the Middle East, we bring a wealth of multisectoral and multicultural expertise.
We are here to collaborate with African, Middle Eastern, and global leaders and institutions spanning the political, civil society, business, and investment sectors.

Our Work

We are a dynamic and forward-thinking firm that is driven by a powerful vision: to facilitate climate-positive inclusive growth across Africa, the Middle East and the world.

Transforming Education Systems across Africa

Innovating for Inclusive Growth

Driving Biodiversity Conservation

Advancing Africa's Circular Economy

Strengthening Public Health Infrastructure

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